Friday, October 17, 2014


Check out my new website here: this is where I will be posting all my pictures from now on!! Hope to see you there!!

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Coffee day 23 real life {my personal photo project}

So this is more like the real McCoy. Coffee amongst the clutter.

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Coffee day 22 Q: What came first, the painting or the cup of coffee?

A: The Painting.
I painted the painting in the background a number of years ago from an image in my mind. Today I was playing around, and noticed how much my {new} cup looked like the one I painted... so I set this up. FUN!

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Coffee day 21 {my personal photo project}

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Coffee day 20 "Good Morning London Fog" {my personal photo project}

Coffee Tea day 20 "Good Morning London Fog" {my personal photo project}

My very good coffee friend recently introduced me to a home made London Fog. Clearly I have been in a fog to have never heard of this delicious treat. Looking forward to trying a Starbucks version... Just gotta save up a bit first! ;)

So in case you want to give it a whirl, it's all in the picture. Earl Grey Tea x2 (apparently Earl Grey is bitter if over steeped, so double up on the tea bags!), and some french vanilla creamer (weird right, french vanilla in a "London Fog"?) & Voila (that's the creamer speaking). It's the bee's knees!!! 

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